since 1882
  • 2024

    The company wins many national and international awards for the contribution and quality of archiving products and optimizes the quality and performance of the smooth boards production.
  • 2006

    EMBA purchased a line for the office lever-arch files production.
  • 1998

    The company was certified according to the ISO 9001 standard by the Lloyd´s Register company.
  • 1992

    EMBA, a Czech company established by the management of the original plant, purchases the enterprise within the privatization process.
  • 1989

    The production on the LS2 board machine starts.
  • 1988

    The termination of the old manual board machines operation and the start of building of new equipment from the German Democratic Republic, which terminated the era of strenuous manual work.
  • 1970

    The LS1 automatic board machine was installed and the production of boards for the automotive industry begins to develop.
  • 1960-1969

    The termination of the groundwood pulp boards production and the switchover to the scrap paper boards production.
  • 1945

    The factory passed under national administration, the nationalized plant was integrated into the Polabské papírny company with its registered office in Hostinné, later renamed to the Krkonošské papírny.
  • 1930-1939

    The implementation of the suitcase board production that served as a raw product for the production of suitcases.
  • 1913

    The completion of construction of two water turbines and six other board machines.
  • 1906

    Emperor Franz Joseph I visited an exhibition in the export building of the Mahl Brothers company.
  • 1890

    The factory was purchased by the Mahl brothers from Jablonec nad Nisou, starting a new stage of development of the pasteboard factory.
  • 1882

    The establishment of the pasteboard factory; the Rössler brothers built two machines for the smooth chip board production near the Jizera River.